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Kiss The Fish - A Fully Customized Example

This guide shows you how to fully customize Swarm's features to match a game's look and feel. It is intended for developers who are already comfortable with the basics of Swarm and are looking to use Swarm's APIs to further improve the user experience.

Kiss The Fish is a simple game in which players get points by tapping on a fish with a specified color and pattern, and then franticly tapping on the hearts before they disappear. The Leaderboards, Achievements, and Store screens found within Kiss The Fish have all been fully customized to match the color scheme, formatting, and graphical presentation throughout the rest of the game.

Note: This example game has been optimized for mdpi and hdpi devices with screen sizes between 3 and 5 inches.

1. Download Kiss The Fish from the Android Market (don't worry, it's a completely free game).

2. Check out it's fully customized Swarm-based screens!

3. Download the complete source code and see how it works.
By downloading the complete source code you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Keep in mind that nearly every feature within Swarm can be fully customized with the APIs. This enables you to get creative and create the best possible experience for your users! Looking for more clever ideas? Check out the Pro Tips!